Urban Farm: My quick escape from city stress

Finding the perfect place to live yet being economical is just challenging and most often you get to live far from town centres. This has been my case for 4 years until in 2016 I found the perfect neighbourhood according to my needs. Meanwood in Leeds was just the right area for me. It isn’t far from Leeds town centre (30 min walk in my pace), shops were close to my rented house then the best of all: the urban farm and the Meanwood park.

I will talk about the urban farm in this article. I took the attic room in a four bedroom house; I couldn’t ask for the best room to stay in. When I open my window I could see trees and other greens. Yes there were few houses but not massively dominating the landscape. In the morning, I would hear the bray of donkeys from the farm. There were sheep and goats too. Other times, I would hear them in unison making the ensemble in harmony. The animals’ call didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I took it as an extra good reason to stay near the farm. They were my alarm clock!

During spring and summer, the urban farm became my sanctuary when I feel so down at the end of my day’s work. At their vegetables and flowers greenhouse just before the farm area ends, there is a table and a bench. I would go there, bring some snacks and a good reading materials or just chill while looking at the face of our beautiful world.



Meanwood Valley Farm is also my top pick for walking or jogging at the weekend when schedule won’t allow for an out of town escapade. The place is a brilliant solution to the growing urbanisation of most areas in The UK.


If you are on of those who is into rocks (not a massive fan), then you are also in for a treat. At Meanwood Valley farm, there is a display information on different rocks which you can find in the area as well.

For more information:

Meanwood Valley Farm


Chevin Forest Park


As part of my plan to end the year right, I thought of a solo walk in Otley. I choose this place because it is close to where I live and the forest is a mild walk although going up is a challenge for me.

It is usually windy up there so I would avoid going near the edge of the boulders. One may easily be off balanced and fall. Nobody wants an injury when one wanted relaxation.

I stayed for 15 minutes or so sitting on top of a huge boulder and constantly affirming myself how good I dealt with things in the past year.

I really think I did well.

What have I been up to?


Year 2016 is about to bid goodbye so I thought of writing an entry as a year ender. Hopefully in 2017 I will have more time to actually blog regularly. This is not a lame NYE resolution. My intention is to commit to writing. This will not only take up my lazy time, but it will also be of great help to improve on my writing skills. Being able to communicate properly in writing is at the heart of what I dream to become.

The last entry I had in this blog was about my trip to the Lake District. Yes, I had an amazing trip to the beautiful postcard perfect town of Windermere, Ambleside and Kendall. I will have a separate write-up about this.

After my short visit to the Lakes, the next day I was bound to London. I have been to the capital so many times but, the place is so historical and full of new things to do that I never get bored visiting it over and over again. Each time I am in London, I choose to do different things from my past visit. It makes the trip more exciting.

I love it when during my trip I meet people from different nations who also are tourists. It is fun to share where you have been and where you want to go and what you think of the place. I guess that what makes travel meaningful; when you interact with people, there is life. Merely taking pictures whilst on a touring bus is monotone and boring! To be fair I am really guilty of this.

When I went back to work after the school holidays I did not really had much time to go traveling so I devoted my little time to walking during the weekends. I have visited my usual destinations: Hebden Bridge, Ilkley and The Dales. As well as going back to my favorites, I also did go to somewhere I haven’t been. Knaresborough for example was one that I will definitely visit again. I love the picturesque scenery of the town especially viewed from an angle where the famous bridge dominates the landscape.

In October my friends and I went hiking in the Penines. We had a ridiculously awesome time going up and down the hills. What a day that was!

November and December were not very friendly for lone walkers. I felt afraid being on my own in the woods when daylight was scarce and sometimes pouring heavily. I instead went on more city tours to visit museums and galleries or to just be nosy about the culture. My stay in Manchester was fab! I plan to go back and do more shopping!

I guess that’s it for now. You guys have a lovely New Year’s eve! I shall go back to watching the NY countdown in London.

Let’s welcome 2017 full of hope and affirmation!



Cheers to 2016


Dear 2016,

What can I say? It has been a interesting journey. There are so many things that I am thankful for about you. Too many I can’t mention them all here. I don’t want to bore you. After all you know what I’m on about because you were there. I’ll gladly share the snippets.

Let’s start with me listing my 27 for 27th. If you insist on me explaining this for the nth time to you, then alright. 27 for 27th is a list of 27 things I wanted to accomplish given a year period. Oh well we didn’t manage to do them all I’m afraid. So Mr. 2017 will have to help me complete 28 for 28th.

Next, I met amazing friends and got closer to my old pals this year remember? Nice people they are; would you agree? I am so lucky for having them in my life. They are so great they even introduced me to their loved ones. As you bid goodbye to me, please don’t forget them. I love them to bits. We both love them to bits!!!

In May, we celebrated an anniversary. I remember that day, I came home with cake from Patisserie Valerie (our favourite). It was a good night although my imaginary boyfriend wasn’t present. It’s alright we won’t see him anymore because we have broken up. LOL

How can I forget the trips we did? With you I had the opportunity to do more walking. I even completed Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge in under 12 hours. I’m so proud of myself having done the walk even the guys in the group applauded me for beating them. Ooooops am I too proud for saying that? I don’t care. They said it and you heard it so it must be true.

Being trendy was trendy so with you I have eaten so much Avocado just to fit in. We experimented clothes together. I turned out to love black and became addicted to classic pieces. Yup, my wardrobe is made of black, white, brown and grey hue. You labelled me minimalist because Pinterest told you so.

Our summer together was full of surprises; good and bad. I met more bunch of nice people. We found out where they hang out. LOL We went to see more places, the ones on my list. Yipeeeee!!! On one particular trip we speculated that the phrase “cow on the line” must be a railway jargon to mean something more than it is. We didn’t believe a cow was guiding a herd of its kind and jumped over the railway fence. Until now we still laugh when we remember the incident.

Finally, even nearing your departure you manage to give me more. You’re so great you made me one degree hotter. I enjoyed my graduation so much and thanks for that mate!

All were not so happy and fairy tale moments, but we managed to pull ourselves together. We tried to pick ourselves from the debris of our own doing. S*** happens as one would say (insert lunatic laugh here).

It does suck knowing you’re going, but hey 2017 will take care of me now. Don’t you worry my friend! We did what we could. We knew from the start how much time we had. I am eternally thankful for our moments together.

We Thank You Lord for being good to us!


Your ever grateful friend,


at Lake Windermere


I had the opportunity to visit this place one very rainy day in August this year. A friend of mine spoke about its beauty and natural propensity to attract visitors foreign or local. Indeed, she was right! At first glance, I was mesmerized and promised to return as soon as possible. It would be more beautiful in the Fall season, when the leaves are turning into gold rush.

For more information about the Lake District, click here.


Pairs of maroon shoes: next journey?


Barcelona (Yule trip)


Stratford -Upon-Avon (B-day trip)

It all started in York then a couple of  trips followed…

The owner of the other pair of maroon shoes is the big sister I never had; A very good and dearest friend . One and half years my junior, but she is more experienced in life than I am. Her qualities exudes: confidence, wittiness and courage.

Hello May!

Gordale Scar 2

There’s no better way to start May than going for a gentle walk  and enjoying the last month of the spring season when the weather is starting to become warmer. Summer is about to begin…

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being in company of a bunch of nice people from my university. I have recently joined the Fitness club of the academe. Pleased enough to say that they are very welcoming to new recruits. We did the famous three stop walk  starting at Janet’s Foss then Gordale Scar and finally the top of Malham Cove, where we experienced all sorts of weather. There was even a painful hailstone shower, shortly after reaching the top of the cove.

Gordale Scar

Gordale Scar

I guess I don’t have to say a lot about how breath-taking the scenery was. I’ll let the pictures speak for itself.

top of malham cove

Top of Malham Cove

Although I have already been to this part of the Dales, I will never get tired climbing up (or crawling) to this far because the view is absolutely amazing when you get to the top. It makes you wonder how perfect God’s creations are. Truly pacifying and maybe a place of comfort for me. I felt so relaxed and at ease…