Last year, I granted my hubby’s wish to visit Amsterdam. I was not really keen on visiting the city, but we pushed through the plan because we were visiting his folks in Hungary anyway and would be a good stop for our first backpacking trip. We flew from the UK to Amsterdam and stayed there for two days before heading to Vienna in a train travel that cost us 10 hours of boredom and back-pain. In between, we stopped at some major German cities like Frankfurt, Munich, and Cologne. Continue reading


Staycation Mode: Scarborough in January

Summer season is at its highest (at least in most part of Europe), people are likewise now in search of their next holiday destination. Going abroad can be a real pain in the pocket, so why not try hanging out somewhere near you for a change? After all, it’s not the place that matters, it’s you. 

When we’re low on budget, but feeling itchy to go for a short trip, our number one choice is SCARBOROUGH. Honestly, I have been there just a couple of times and not the summer months. However, I do love the place even in freezing months. One time, we celebrated our wedding anniversary there, that was in January so imagine the cold.  Surprisingly, there were people swimming at the beach though the temperature was negative. We didn’t dare to join in! =) Continue reading

Holiday in Barcelona: Arrival, Apartment, Area

Its been days since I arrived from our first summer holiday but, I still can’t get over the Spanish city that is Barcelona (my first visit). To be honest I had a sudden realization that I am best suited to live in a place much like my home country. Spain and Philippines have a long history worth 333 years, the former being our colonizer which in effect shared to us its culture, traditions and gastronomy. When I was in Barcelona, It felt like I was home. Continue reading