Vienna, Austria – Freezing February

I was thinking I might try writing about our past travels… Let’s start with the capital city of Austria- Vienna. We visited this amazing city three years ago when my plan to persuade my husband to take me there materialized. That was one long week of asking (actually begging) him to drive me two hours from Szombathely (the historical Roman city in Hungary). He couldn’t be bothered because it was the coldest time of the year. For his lovely wife, he did it anyway with hard feelings!!! LOL

First stop was to see the stunning Schloss Schoenbrunn (Schoenbrunn Palace). It was 10 am in the morning when we arrived to our destination. Thanks to my husband’s inexplicable knowledge in direction- a living GPS indeed. =) The palace was in reality an envy of elegance and luxury. No wonder people in the olden times wore clothes with jewels because even their walls were decorated with expensive ornaments. I felt I was a princess from a Disney movie. How I wish I could be one but, by just being there made me so excited and ecstatic to the point of not leaving the place. And it was warm in the rooms so it added to my decision to stay longer.

The ticket cost EUR 25.50 per person to see the whole palace including the gardens, the zoo and the carriage museum. You may check ticket prices on this website: Next to our itinerary was the palace gardens which included the palm house and the main palace garden (which at that time wasn’t much pleasing). Winter isn’t the right time for visiting gardens as we all know. The palm house was alright but didn’t show a wow factor since I am used to seeing those kinds of plants in my tropical homeland.

My husband enjoyed it- he is not used to seeing such greenery and exotic plants. After being comforted by the warmth of the Palm House, we headed to the zoo. I was excited because I knew I would be able to see the Panda and the Polar bear. A big fan of all kinds of bears myself, it really made me jump for joy. Ever since I knew there is a vegetarian bear, I dreamed of seeing one. It was a dream come true when I finally gazed at it and my husband took a picture of me beside a sleeping Panda. (sorry no photo because our computer got crazy and wiped out most of our pictures) There were other polar animals too such as Penguins and seals. They were busily swimming and playing when we got to their playground.

Finally, we started walking towards our last place to visit- the carriage museum. The place housed loads of them starting from simple carriages to the ones used by the Emperor and his family. FYI, the Imperial family of Habsburg was famous for their luxurious and undeniably exquisite wagons.


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