The Body Shop ALL IN ONE FACE BASE 065

I was at the city center this afternoon to unwind after a boring morning at home. I am on a one week holiday from work and it is kind of irritating not doing anything but watching television and doing household chores. So yeah I set off to town. After two hours window shopping, I found myself browsing beauty products at THE BODY SHOP store.

Not thinking to buy anything and just really passing time, I came across to their ALL IN ONE FACE BASE 065 (my skin tone). It’s been a while since I stopped using a finishing powder. The last one I had was MAC PREP + PRIME TRANSPARENT FINISHING POWDER. I loved it so much but I just couldn’t afford the brand anymore so I am in constant search for cheaper yet quality makeup. Don’t get me wrong. I know MAC is really a good brand and you get what you pay for but, it’s too much for me at the moment.

 Anyway, a nice saleslady asked me if I was looking for anything in particular and I said “As a matter of fact yes I am”. I told her “I want to see what finishing powder you have”. She showed me to the area where they are on display and offered me to try it. She took a huge face and body brush and started applying powder on my face. Funny was, she complemented me that I have got nice skin which is kind of not true. LOL…We’ll they have to lie to persuade people to buy- all part of salesmanship.

After the sales-talk and everything, the lady indeed convinced me to buy the face powder. When I was at the till, the cashier introduced me to one of their offers. “When you spend £18, you get a free gift”, she explained. So I then got a FACE AND BODY BRUSH and an EYE PENCIL SHARPENER. As promised she gave me freebies.

I went home totally assured that I had a good buy!


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