London Sightseeing Tips

The glorious capital of United Kingdom which lies in the south of the country is London. Famous for its modern metropolis, striking gothic buildings and a rising shopping destination. You won’t really get bored of London! There are many things to do and see given enough pocket money. However, for people like me who doesn’t like lavish spending, here are some good tips for you (this is my opinion based on past experiences).

1. Instead of riding a tour bus have a lovely and slow stroll. The most famous attractions are close to one another anyway so it would save you some penny.

2. The Underground is a very expensive way to travel so hop on the iconic red bus. You would save best if you get a day ticket.

3. If you are an avid museum fan then you are in for a treat. Three museums that are a stone throw away from each other offer a free entrance fee namely: Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum

4. Dining can be also extravagant if you choose to have a meal in the high street area. Try eating in a pub or a small patisserie. They also serve good food without ripping your wallet off. Remember to tip though especially for excellent service. However, if you’re really on a low budget, there’s always a fast food restaurant in every corner. Don’t forget to try fish and chips!

5. For shopaholics like me the Oxford street and the Regent Street are your must destinations. Go and treat yourself at New Look!

6. Send a postcard from London. It would be a nice surprise for your loved ones.

7. To save time and energy, be sure to study the London map before going on a trip. It’s frustrating when you are in the middle of the road and can’t find the place you’re looking for. Better yet, get your GPS working.

8. Based on experience, is the best website to search for affordable hotels.

9. Fancy the top attractions? Well, it comes with a price. Since spending is inevitable for you to go up the London tower, for example. Why not buy a London pass? It would really save you some money and will receive a VIP treatment. No long queues.

10. Don’t forget to bring home some memories. If you can’t afford to buy souvenirs for your friends, at least they’ll see that you enjoyed your trip. Bring the selfie on baby!


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