I have lived in Hungary for approximately two years and I could say that I have had good times in this country. I am truly thankful to my husband for taking me to such amazing cities. It might not be as popular and as touristy as Paris and Barcelona but, these places are vibrant on their own.

1. Budapest

Situated in the central northern part of the country, the capital is home to 20 per cent of Hungary’s population. This means that every 1 of 5 Hungarian is “Budapesti” (a local term meaning I am from or I live in Budapest). The Danube River separates the Buda side from the Pest side. In 1873, three independent cities; Buda, Pest, and Obuda were merged into one big city and became the country’s renowned capital.

When I first visited this place, I was immediately fascinated by the chain bridge’s architecture. The enormous lion stone sculptures add beauty to its already amazing structure. You would probably enjoy a more romantic view at night especially in the summer when it’s not too cold to stroll along the river up to the bridge. Personally, I haven’t done this before and I am planning to do it in our holiday this August. I could imagine now the feeling being there with my husband. Maybe we could have a dinner at one of the finest restaurants lined along the Danube or better yet go on a romantic river cruise.

You might want to know what sort of things to see and do while you are vacationing in the city. I am no authority to tell you really what you could do. However, I may advise you on checking this website out If you would like to spend some time in bars and pubs, here is a good site for you:

2. Pécs

It was in 2010, when the city was selected as European Capital of Culture that we went and paid this place a visit. To my husband, this is like his second home because he spent three years of his life studying at the University of Pécs. Navigating through the city was never a challenge because he knew the place well. I was particularly interested on seeing the main square because it seemed so appealing when I saw pictures and read articles about it. No disappointment whatsoever when I finally saw the cathedral, theatre, and the mosque. Most of the must-see attractions are just in one area- at the town square.

We spent three days here and stayed at his sister’s flat because then she was a film student at the same university. The youngest of their family also studies there- they do love Pécs! Well who wouldn’t? The best place for students – great university and really cool pubs. Take a look at this bar and tell me you wouldn’t dare to check what’s inside.

For couples who want to make a vow or celebrate their affection for each other, good news, in Pécs you could “put a padlock on it.” The love lock is situated in a narrow street close to the mosque. You wouldn’t miss it because it’s mostly visited by tourists. To be part of the craze, we also put a padlock in one of the crowded rusty iron bars. If ever you see a small golden padlock with initials D&E that would probably be ours.

3. Keszthely

Every summer, we spend some time here touring around the city center to the Festetics palace then terminating at the Lake Balaton for a swim or nice sunbath.

Keszthely is located in the western shore of Lake Balaton. This freshwater lake is the largest in central Europe. The city is the most popular holiday destination in Hungary in the summer. Many enjoy swimming and sunbathing while others prefer to go fishing or sailing. Hungary’s summer is absolutely lovely with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

Our itinerary for the summer holiday would definitely include going to Keszthely. We wouldn’t miss it for the world!!! Hopefully, this year I can convince my hubby to visit Heviz – a spa town 5 miles from Keszthely. It would be an awesome experience!!!

Check this website out for more information:




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