Holiday in Barcelona: Arrival, Apartment, Area

Its been days since I arrived from our first summer holiday but, I still can’t get over the Spanish city that is Barcelona (my first visit). To be honest I had a sudden realization that I am best suited to live in a place much like my home country. Spain and Philippines have a long history worth 333 years, the former being our colonizer which in effect shared to us its culture, traditions and gastronomy. When I was in Barcelona, It felt like I was home.

Overall, I did enjoy touring around the whole city which means 12 hours a day in 4 1/2 days nonstop. Of course it had to be done the Spartan way because we had only little time to spend; that’s my kind of holiday! Every time we go somewhere, our stay must be maximized because we never know when we are coming back plus we want to enjoy the moment; you are already there make the most out of it- even if it results to foot pain and a knackered body.

We arrived in Barcelona at ten in the evening after the most reliable airline in Europe changed our flight schedule. As opposed to arriving at night, we were supposed to land at 10 AM. However, after all the modification and everything, we safely arrived at our dream destination. The airport was big enough to service international flights so it took us only 10 minutes from the immigration down to the taxi stand just outside the building doors. If you are not in a hurry and the time is favorable for other means of transportation, it is best to take a bus from the airport to the city center. A single ticket costs 5 Euros and the journey takes about 30 minutes hassle free. The bus stop is right in front of the doors.

When we were in the taxi, all I was thinking of was the apartment my trustworthy husband booked at

It was our first time renting an apartment so I was a bit unsure of what kind of accommodation was in store. To my surprise, the place was absolutely lovely. Everything that was said on the website was true. A traditional Spanish flat awaited us plus it was very clean which is always a priority for me. The apartment is close to good restaurants, grocery stores, tourist attractions and the metro. All touristy places are easily accessible via the underground which is only 5 minutes away from the flat by foot.

There is a cool coffee shop called DINO PAN in the corner of the street 50 meters from El Poble Sec. station. We didn’t bother cooking breakfast because that coffee shop was just amazing- catered for our morning food cravings. I found their coffee better than Starbucks and their pastries, sandwiches and salads were absolutely delicious. Every morning, we would get a takeaway to eat on the road when peckish.

Our stay was made more comfortable because of Lidl. The grocery store is a stone’s throw away from our flat. Surprisingly, most of the goods were cheaper than in the UK. In our 4 days stay, we spent 20 Euros for grocery but, that only covered our dinner since in the morning we ate our breakfast at DINO and in the middle of the day we were somewhere sightseeing so we would get our lunch at a restaurant. Our favorite being paella paired with a nice sangria.  Yummy!!!


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