Skipton Castle’s Duck in the River: Accidental Photography


I am no expert in taking pictures but, sometimes when you are playing with your camera, accidents happen and you are able to take an acceptable decent photo (like above). When unexpectedly it does come about, confidence rises and bragging starts.  I took this photo!!! LOL

My husband and I invested in a DSLR camera two years ago and since then we’ve never looked back. We love having it especially when we are travelling or just practicing with me or our dog, Quantum as the model. The later is not particularly participative which is frustrating for a newbie photographer.

Now, about the picture in feature. This one was taken at Skipton Castle in one occasion when we visited The Dales. Our hotel was in Skipton so before we headed home, I asked my husband to take a short visit to the castle. Unfortunately, it was closed because it was early in the morning. Explorer as he is, hubby found  a way to the back of the castle. There we found the ducks swimming in the river. There was not a single interesting subject apart from those swimming creatures so he took his chances. Luckily, this one turned out unusually good. To my eyes, this looks like a painting rather than a digital image.

What do you think? Comment below. Thanks!


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