Staycation Mode: Scarborough in January

Summer season is at its highest (at least in most part of Europe), people are likewise now in search of their next holiday destination. Going abroad can be a real pain in the pocket, so why not try hanging out somewhere near you for a change? After all, it’s not the place that matters, it’s you. 

When we’re low on budget, but feeling itchy to go for a short trip, our number one choice is SCARBOROUGH. Honestly, I have been there just a couple of times and not the summer months. However, I do love the place even in freezing months. One time, we celebrated our wedding anniversary there, that was in January so imagine the cold.  Surprisingly, there were people swimming at the beach though the temperature was negative. We didn’t dare to join in! =)

It was fresh from all the Yuletide merriment when we decided to have a break from everyone, a little us time if you may. Scarborough is just one and a half hours from where we are so going there is not a hassle. I don’ t like travelling for hours especially because I easily get sick and most often anti-sickness tablet doesn’t work in me.

We stayed at Clifton Hotel for a night. The accommodation wasn’t bad considering the price we paid. Telly, tea, and coffee, biscuits and hair dryer were provided in the room. Actually, I am considering making a reservation there again. On top of it their prepared breakfast was utterly appetizing. It was  a buffet so we helped ourselves indeed.

Here was our activities during our 2D1N visit in January:

DAY 1 

  • strolled on the beach with our backpacks on because our check in time wasn’t until 1 PM
  • walked from the harbor up to the hilly landscape where the castle ruins are
  • explored the castle ruins then walked down the hill to the beach again
  • checked in at the hotel then rested for two/three hours
  • searched for some takeaway restaurant just around the vicinity of the hotel
  • visited the oriental garden at night (very creepy)
  • returned to our hotel and chilled at the bar


  • had a real English breakfast (I must give the hotel a credit because the food was absolutely delicious)
  • checked-out
  • strolled on the beach (for the nth time)
  • went to SEA LIFE (amazed by the creatures on display) Clifton Hotel gave us FREE passes to the attraction
  • walked back to the Peasholm Park and toured around (took pictures of course)
  • headed back to the station (got lost going there!hehe)

I admit  this was not the best anniversary holiday, but we had fun.


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