Missing Austria’s Countryside

During these summer days, it would be great to visit the outskirts of Austria; great timing for walking and trekking in the mountains, swimming in its lakes or the usual visiting & sightseeing. My long separation from the country feels like it’s been forever although last year I was just there soaking under the scorching sun at a small Badesee in Rechnitz. When we get tired of the crowded Lake Balaton, Rechnitz is our second choice. The lake is not as big as Balaton, but more preferable because not many tourists or locals go there.

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Looking back at where I’ve been is just absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe myself at where my fate took me. At first I didn’t have the enthusiasm of going on seeing places because of no inspiration, no one to go with and not much of a choice. However, life changes and the reason I’ve been waiting for knocked my door one crazy summer day.

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Photo Of The Day: Malham Cove,Yorkshire Dales

Just a short walk from a small village (Malham) is this amphitheater like limestone cliff called Malham Cove.

A fanatic of the Harry Potter movies, I bothered myself to climb this steep highland to witness first hand the shooting site of one of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows‘ scenes.

The cliff is 300 meters wide and has a vertical measurement of 80 meters. It offers a breathtaking view of Malham, dales and beyond.

Photo Of The Day: Montserrat, Spain

If you’re in Barcelona, it is worthwhile to visit the outskirts of the city and the neighboring towns to have a really good vibe of the Spanish lifestyle. There’s more to the hustle and bustle of the infamous La Rambla.

In our case, we chose a trip to Montserrat Catalonia. This mountainous place is a one-hour train ride from Espanya station in Barcelona.

First Time in Barcelona, Spain

I haven’t realize that my dreams were coming true. I thought everything would just be a hopeless imagination, not until I walked through the narrow streets of Barcelona.

My realization started when I was a sophomore student in the Philippines. A TV programme which featured the Spanish city captivated my attention. From then on, it has been my wish to visit the home of  Sagrada Familia.

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Photo of The Day: Panglao Island, Philippines

I apologize for the picture’s quality. I traveled to this part of the Philippines in 2010 – the earliest stage of my wandering, thus not having a decent camera and good photographing skills.

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