In Bruges/Brugge/Brügge

“It’s like a fairytale or something”

-quote from Collin Farrell’s 2008 movie IN BRUGES

I didn’t know anything about this place until I watched the movie In Bruges one lazy night. While I was watching it and actually getting bored, I bothered myself to search about this little municipality of Belgium in the Northwest of the country. Pinterest showed me amazing pictures which made more interested visiting it. Likewise, other search results and helpful blogs added to my growing enthusiasm. My mind was set and very excited to go. It happened on the spur of the moment. That night I also checked for flights, coaches, and ferry tickets. At the end of all the googling and everything, I managed to book a minicruise from P&O Ferries.

My trip to Brugge was the most awaited event in February. I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s with my husband because apparently it’s not a big deal here in Europe and he was also very busy. He was even busier after I returned from the trip. However, I wasn’t alone because my colleagues had actually planned this minicruise then I joined in. I’m telling you, it was more fun than I imagined. First, it was my first time touring without my beloved other half and second, it was a great experience spending time with the people you work with- time to know them better. Another tick in my bucket list; TRAVEL WITH COLLEAGUES. Hopefully, I will be able to do my greatest fear in travel which is being totally all by myself.

We departed from the port of Hull at 18:00 and began our 14 hour ferry cruise. I’m not very comfortable travelling by ships. It makes me dizzy and sick which is always a hassle for me. Fortunately, motion sickness tablets gets me through the suffering mostly. So it is my habit of taking this remedy when I travel, especially if it’s a long journey. This is one of the reasons that puts me off travel. I don’t have that much recollection of the journey from Hull to Zeebrugge because it was an overnight travel and after drinking a cider at the bar I went straight to bed. Zzz Zzz Zzz

When we arrived at the port destination, a coach took us to the main town of Brugge. It must have been a good 50 minute ride. Along the way, we saw typical continental houses which fitted to my liking. From the passenger drop-off point, we walked maybe a mile to the famous square featured in the movie.

What a stunning place!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes of what was before me. Medieval architecture and gothic buildings like The Church of our Lady impressed me. As we entered the so called “open air museum” or locally known as the town’s main square, the feeling of excitement suddenly raised and all I did was to stare at its proud beauty and elegance.The place consisted of beautiful old colorful buildings, narrow cobble-stoned streets and canals. Travelers agree that Brugge is the prettiest town in the Flemish region and also consider the place as the Venice of the North. The latter title also is a label of other European cities e.g. Amsterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen.

Since we only had a very limited time in Bruges, we skipped some of the must-see attractions. Instead we busied ourselves touring around the vicinity of the square, shopping for souvenirs and of course pub hoping. In Bruges, I tasted the most delicious cherry beer ever and the real Belgian waffle. As suggested by a travel site, I ordered the wafel met slagroom (waffle with whipped cream). It was indeed yummy with lots and lots of calories. =)) I didn’t care… I was on vacation! For our lunch, we chose a restaurant just some meters from the Basilica of the Holy Blood. It was a nice view overlooking the busy crowded square while enjoying a plate of mussels in beer sauce.


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