Oriental Saturday: Sushi & Teriyake Noodle Stir-Fry

So we’re at Morrisons earlier today and I decided to make sushi and teriyake noodles for lunch. I’ve always loved these oriental goodness, but today was the first time that I made them. Takeaway restaurants are my savior when in food craving crisis! Who doesn’t love fast food in times like this? People like me who can’t be bothered cooking resorts to easy cook meals, microwave recipes and the just add hot water sort of food. Don’t take me the wrong way. I don’t eat fast food everyday. One of my bragging rights is that my husband is a good cook. He makes sure there’s always a healthy meal on our table.

Anyway, out of these packets of dry goods, we were able to make a savory lunch and most importantly, my craving satisfied. =)

I’m not going to discuss how to make sushi, there are tonnes of recipes out there. Just choose the one that is easy to make and the ingredients available in your local supermarket.

 Aside from sushi, we also made our own version of Teriyake Noodles. We were supposed to make Yakisoba because that’s my favourite, but Morrisons didn’t have the sauce that I needed to make the dish.

It was an experiment that lead me to this dish. I didn’t check any recipes just risked mixing the chicken, vegetables and the sauce. I tasted it a couple of times for the acceptable taste then voila my perfect teriyake noodles. =)) I love it when things fall into place.


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