Side Trip to Zaanse Schans (The Netherlands)

When we were in Amsterdam, we made a small trip to a neighboring countryside near Zaandijk. A short walk from the train station Koog-Zaandijk led us to a seemingly land of windmills. The area is locally called as Zaanse Schans and is situated along the Zaan river thus its namesake.

Upon entering, you will be welcomed with beautifully structured traditional houses, stunning buildings and the breathtaking landscape of Dutch countryside.

It wasn’t all beauty, their rich history will also amaze visitors, especially if you take a tour into the interior of the mills.

Names of the mills on the photograph from left to right: Het Jonge Schaap (“the young sheep”), De Zoeker (“the seeker”), De Kat (“the cat”), De Gekroonde Poelenburg (“the crowned poelenburg”) and De Huisman (“the houseman”).

There are cafes and shops also looking like museum displays. One particular interesting building was a shop museum near the entrance, just a few steps from the signage saying “Welcome to Zaanse Schans”. The  Albert Heijn museum will take you back to late 19th century style grocery.

Being in Zaanse Schans felt like you’ve traveled back to 17th and 18th century Northern Holland

And here come the windmills…

Zaanse Schans is not at all a museum. It is a fully inhabited open air conservation area.

Fancy a boat ride?

or around the world? =))

Our tour lasted for half a day and for me it wasn’t enough to see everything at Zaanse Schans. Sad but we had to leave and continue our journey. We absolutely loved our visit with no disappointments whatsoever!


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