Going to Montserrat by Train?

Getting There

Espanya Station is easily accessible through red/green metro lines from the city center or any place which the line operates. Once you’re there, look for line R5 to Manresa-that would be your point of departure.

Here is an example of a train timetable going to and from Montserrat (might change)

To Montserrat

From Montserrat

Another thing to remember is that Espanya station is quite big and locating line R5 isn’t that easy. You might wanna check underground maps first before heading to the station because the directions there aren’t very helpful. However, if you’re fully conversational in Spanish or Catalan it won’t give you any trouble.

Which Ticket To Buy?

Choosing the right ticket can be a real pain so again it is necessary to have prior knowledge of the ticket options and what they can offer.

When we were at the station, we were led by a nice Spanish guy to the ticket booth. The machine is easy to operate with several languages to choose from. the dilemma came when we were given a handful of choices which at first we didn’t understand. Luckily, a ticket booth attendant came over and helped us in our misery.

The verdict? We bought the Trans Montserrat ticket at 27 Euros. With this ticket, you will enjoy the following:

  • Return train Barcelona to Montserrat
  • Cable car to the Monastery
  • Two return journeys on 2 different funicular rides
  • Two free metro ride tickets
  • Free access to the audio-visual area in Montserrat

Note: There are no discounts for elderly and young people with this type of ticket.


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