Photo of the Day: Guess Where

Please comment in the box below where you think this picture was taken from. You can be as specific as you want!

Have a lovely Sunday!


Zadar’s Treats & Souvenirs

Just like any other tourist, wherever I go I take home something to remind me of my travel. Before it was my hobby collecting key chains and Teddy Bears. Now, I am into printed drawings and paintings – the sort of one or two euros per A3 paper. =)

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Hiking @ Yorkshire Dales

These are the pictures taken last year when we went for a hike in Yorkshire Dales. It has been whispered to me that this hilly place is breathtaking. They were absolutely right! One thing though that made me regret going there was I nearly put myself in danger. Because it was my first time hiking and I didn’t have the necessary training to do long walks and also my health wasn’t good either so I kept moaning about how stupid the idea was. The weather was also rubbish so we really had a hard time enjoying the view (or it was just me). As we were walking, I kept praying about not letting my husband down. He’s been into nature trips since he was a kid and I didn’t want to disappoint him right at that moment, but I managed to do so! =))

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Finally Seen Plitvička

As part of our travel tradition, every summer we go on a road trip in Europe for a week or two. This August, we visited the Plitvice National Park in Croatia. Our one day tour in this nature reserve seemed not enough, but we were lucky to see the place.

People who went there would agree that it’s indeed a beautiful sanctuary of different species. Too bad we didn’t see some brown bears, only baby rodents.

If you’re visiting the park in the summer and you’re taking your car, be aware that it’s hard to get parking spaces because it gets too crowded specially in nice weather. Also, you have to pay 7 Kunas per hour and you leave your car in the woods.

The are two queues to the entrance ; two windows open for buying tickets. When we were there, people just lined up in the long queue thinking that there was only one. However, curious that we were, we checked and found another line which wasn’t obvious for most of the visitors.

Exchange rates at the national park are pretty good so you need not worry if you don’t have Kuna.

Back In The Capital

I first came here sometime in the winter of 2010, then it has become a habit to visit Budapest every year until we moved to England. Last year, I missed the city because we only stayed in the west of the country and didn’t do much touring aside from going to Balaton and the nearby thermal spas and lakes in Austria. However, this summer I listed it myself on our road trip itinerary.

The city hasn’t changed that much-still the mesmerizing city that I knew. If only I had opportunities in Budapest, I would really choose to live there. I can speak some Hungarian, but not enough to get a teaching job.


Off to Vienna in a Week

Just can’t contain my feeling because 7 days from now I’ll be on a plane bound for Vienna. Going there is our entry route to our planned holidays in Europe, this time spending longer in Hungary and Croatia. I’ve never been in the latter that’s why I am so much delighted how fast the days are passing by. With just a month of school vacation left, I intend to spend most of it travelling and relaxing.

Can’t wait!