Finally Seen Plitvička

As part of our travel tradition, every summer we go on a road trip in Europe for a week or two. This August, we visited the Plitvice National Park in Croatia. Our one day tour in this nature reserve seemed not enough, but we were lucky to see the place.

People who went there would agree that it’s indeed a beautiful sanctuary of different species. Too bad we didn’t see some brown bears, only baby rodents.

If you’re visiting the park in the summer and you’re taking your car, be aware that it’s hard to get parking spaces because it gets too crowded specially in nice weather. Also, you have to pay 7 Kunas per hour and you leave your car in the woods.

The are two queues to the entrance ; two windows open for buying tickets. When we were there, people just lined up in the long queue thinking that there was only one. However, curious that we were, we checked and found another line which wasn’t obvious for most of the visitors.

Exchange rates at the national park are pretty good so you need not worry if you don’t have Kuna.


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