Hiking @ Yorkshire Dales

These are the pictures taken last year when we went for a hike in Yorkshire Dales. It has been whispered to me that this hilly place is breathtaking. They were absolutely right! One thing though that made me regret going there was I nearly put myself in danger. Because it was my first time hiking and I didn’t have the necessary training to do long walks and also my health wasn’t good either so I kept moaning about how stupid the idea was. The weather was also rubbish so we really had a hard time enjoying the view (or it was just me). As we were walking, I kept praying about not letting my husband down. He’s been into nature trips since he was a kid and I didn’t want to disappoint him right at that moment, but I managed to do so! =))

The last 300 meters going up to the Malham cove was tricky for me because my boots weren’t the correct gear for climbing so it was very slippery and I had to walk slowly not to fall. I slipped a few times that was all, until we decided to go down the hill using the man made stone stairs. A bad turn of events, it started raining when we were halfway the trail making the stairs susceptible to slipping accidents. So it happened to me! I slipped and hurt my bottom; very painful and embarrassing! However, even though my first hike was not a good experience, after all I had the opportunity to see Malham Cove and some parts of the Dales.


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