Zadar’s Treats & Souvenirs

Just like any other tourist, wherever I go I take home something to remind me of my travel. Before it was my hobby collecting key chains and Teddy Bears. Now, I am into printed drawings and paintings – the sort of one or two euros per A3 paper. =)

In Zadar, I only bought a refrigerator magnet (the one which says CROATIA) because I couldn’t find any cheap printed drawings. Most of the sidewalk artists were selling real piece of art with a price I couldn’t afford.

If you have the habit of sending postcards to your loved ones while on holiday, Zadar has got the nicest postcards I’ve ever seen. They all c0me in varying shapes and sizes with pictures featuring the St. Donatus Church, the port and other scenic parts of this part of the Dalmatian Coast.

Are you a fan of liqueurs? Maraschino  is a famous brandy from Zadar and is made from distilling Marasca cherries. Try it!

Walking through the streets of Zadar was amazing! The shiny cobbled floor lead the way into the heart of the city’s shops and restaurants. Ice cream licking tourists were everywhere. At 7 Kuna per scope you will be served with this delicious treat.


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