Farewell Summer Until Next Year

Where have the days gone? Six weeks went so quick without realizing it because every single day I was out and about, enjoying sunshine and making fun. The first week after we broke up from school, I already finished reading books I didn’t have spare seconds to even scan while on term time.

Then came the second week when I revisited and rediscovered museums, galleries, and parks in the city where I live. The next couple of weeks was pretty exciting because we left for the continent to enjoy everything Mediterranean and to be with the family.

Spending time with your favourite people is the most precious thing in the world. No single second wasted when you are together happy and doing something nice. Our time in Hungary was really limited, not enough to do all the activities we planned with them. We went as a family to Croatia, attended every single festivities in their small town and gathered every Saturday for a BBQ.

Every day was Table Tennis Tournament. The boys in our family like this sport so much that they take it very seriously whenever they play. Sometimes it gets bad when someone loses, but all for the sake of entertainment. We always have a laugh after a heated discussion of score updates and who’s getting points.

At grandma’s place is my favourite because I get to pick grapes and all sort of fruits in her big garden. This year I met Bobby- nana’s new pet. He is a very wild dog  and obviously needs some training, but I doubt that she can manage to teach the dog manners. She’s now old and frail. Ohhh I miss her!


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