Staycation in Blackpool

Dubbed as the Las Vegas of the North, Blackpool is also one of the leading seaside destinations in the UK.

One month after moving to England, me and my hubby went one weekend…

It was October when we visited this town and we kind of just looked around, checked the attractions; just being care free and not following any itinerary. In other words the exact opposite of what we usually do when we are out.

First stop was the beach. We walked down to the shore feeling the wet sandy ground, looking for sea shells hoping there was one. Of course there was none because the place is not the white sand beach everyone would be wishing for. However, we did enjoy the chill it brought and the cool breeze blowing on our faces.

As we continue our tour, we found ourselves following a stream of people going to Pleasure Beach Resort. We bought entrance tickets only because I wasn’t keen on the rides, actually I am afraid to get in them. Although it was mid-autumn, the amusement park was packed. It was indeed a good day to have a family day out.

Rides frighten me! I don’t have the stomach for it. Honestly, I don’t see myself riding one ever. Screaming teenagers in the roller coaster ride didn’t help my husband as he was trying to persuade me to try one with him. I knew he was so disappointed, but I just can’t.

Part of the entrance ticket was a train ride around the park. It was embarrassing being on it because most of the passengers were children and parents. Not really a treat, but we hopped in anyway.

A spontaneous trip, not the way we usually do it but we had fun!


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