Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds

England has so much history that everywhere you go you will see old buildings from different times. Leeds is not alien to this. About 3.3 miles from Leeds city center is Kirkstall, a north-western suburb of the city on the eastern side of the River Aire. In this small residential area stands the Kirkstall Abbey. Not much of the building has survived but the ruins tell a lot of story from when it was erected.

According to history, the abbey was founded in circa 1152 and was disestablished during the reign of Henry VIII through his Dissolution Of The Monasteries Act.

The picture above shows carved markings on the wall of the abbey. After it has been disestablished, people could already use the interior of the abbey as a pathway. This explains why there are prominent impressions on the abbey walls.

Today, the abbey is a popular destination for families wanting to have a picnic or a nice walk by the river. At the weekends, the abbey also serves as a farmers’ market which attracts more visitors.

On Saturday 6 September, a night of live outdoor classical music event will be held at the famous Abbey Ruins in Kirkstall. This year’s classical fantasia will be more spectacular than the previous year as it is going to feature some of the finest in the industry such as Amy Dickinson together with the Manchester Camerata.

The orchestra will be performing  famous Mozart compositions, some Italian Operatic pieces and songs from famous musical plays like Wizard of Oz and West Side Story.

It is indeed not to be missed!

Tickets cost £15 and can be purchased online or in person at the Abbey House Museum and Carriageworks Theater.

See you there!


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