I Shall Return!

Venice- the first Italian city I’ve visited.

From time to time, I would browse through our old travel pictures reminiscing where we have been and imagining those happy times. Flashback of good old memories put  a smile in my face then I  wonder ” When can I visit you again?”. Of all the places I’ve visited, Venice is certainly one of those that I wanna set foot in again. The city is just so appealing to me; the canals, gondolas, narrow cobbled streets, jam-packed alleys, bridges, Venetian goodies, language, and many more.

The Grand canal is just one of the 117 that makes Venice a charming water paradise. Although the state and colour of the lagoon can be displeasing, it certainly does not stop tourists from visiting.

Probably the most exciting account of my travel to Venice was the Gondola Ride. The voyage was amazing and at the same time romantic even more  if we asked our Gondolier to render a song for us. Nevertheless, it was one of the most exhilarating water travel that I have done. You might be interested about Gondolas so here are some helpful pieces of information

Even though Venetians have to navigate their way in and around the city through water and make use every inch of its dry land, it did help the city to establish a reputation and a unique identity. One of my favourite “what to do?” was strolling through the cobbled streets passing in between people and at the same time surveying left and right for possible good buys.

I am  absolutely missing Venice and really looking forward to visiting the city again. One thing though to remind myself when I am there is not to order pizza with Anchovies-didn’t like it at all! Hopefully 2015 will be nice to me and will be able to travel to Italy once more.


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