Belgian Delights

My friend has just arrived from Brussels and she had so may stories to tell about Belgium’s Gastronomy especially the sweet stuffs. Hearing her talk about waffles, chocolates and seafood made me wanna go back to Brugge- where my lust for wafel met slagroom began.

Talking about Belgium, here are its topnotch edible goodies that I miss and crave for (most of the time)

1. Waffle (of course)

Appetizing, eh? Yum indeed! This is the wafel met slagroom and as you can see it’s just a plain waffle topped with light cream and to make it more homey the Belgian flag is added. A real treat for a craving mouth.

2. Chocolates and Biscuits

Belgium is chocolate land and produces the most delicious sweet treat ever. I have a big appetite for sugary stuffs and having seen loads of it in Belgium was aces! What I most like about Belgian chocolates are the elaborate decorations, perfect combination of bitter and sweet and the vast kinds to choose from. You won’t get bored, but you need to know which one to pick. I love the ones with tipsy fruits in it.

If you happen to be in Belgium right now, try to visit its Chocolate Museums. I’m pretty sure there is/are in any big Belgian cities. It’s not free entrance though! You will have to fork out few euros to get inside to one of them. I enjoyed every single second of my tour in Choco-Story (Brugge). The museum also offers praline making workshop for groups of 8-12  with a fee of 30 Euros per person.

3. Seafood

Shellfishes are my favourite seafood variety. In Brugge, I didn’t miss the chance to taste its specialty Mussels with White Wine Sauce paired with Frites. It was the most delicious mussel dish I’ve ever tasted and at home I tried making it, but to no fault of my unskilled self in cooking, it wasn’t successful though edible.  I should just leave the kitchen to my husband- he’s my private chef! =)

4. Beer (Fruity Only, please)

Juice or fruity beer? Couldn’t decide which one. I had three glasses of this in three different public houses. This is actually a cheery beer and Liefmans makes the kind which is sweet and devilishly kicking after two pints.


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