Tropical Wonders

Philippine Tarsier

A very small primate commonly found in the province of Bohol in the Philippines

The Philippine Tarsier is now considered to be  an endangered species. There are only a few hundred of them left in the wild as reported by the Philippine Tarsier Foundation. One of the reasons mentioned why their number is decreasing is because they have suicidal tendencies. Yes, you read it right! This cute primate would end its life when subject to stress caused by excessive noise, flash from cameras and very limited space. In fact, when a Tarsier is put in a cage, it would bang its head on the wall breaking its thin cranium.

Chocolate Hills

Also situated in Bohol, Philippines, these famous land forms are frequented by tourists from in and outside of the Archipelago.

There are more than 1,200 hills spread in an area of 20 square miles.

It’s no surprise that one would ask why it is called Chocolate Hills. If you think it is made of chocolate, then you’re not even close to the real reason.  Actually, they are covered in green grass that turns brown in the dry season thus getting the name Chocolate Hills but would have been much better if they were really made of chocolate. =)


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