Halloween at Historium Brugge

We visited this historical themed attraction 2 days ago in  Brugge, Belgium. It was a fantastic opportunity to be there in time for Halloween as the place was themed for the occasion.

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Malaysia’s KLIA

A plane journey that took 12 hours and 25 minutes to arrive at the place of destination was my first. In the past, I would choose a route that has 7 to 8 hours flight time each stop-over. Needless to say, it was the most boring, body numbing and scariest flight in the history of my travels. Not because it was Malaysian Airlines, but the amount of time being in the aircraft was just worrying for me.

We arrived safe and sound at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The airport looked new as shown by the pictures above. May doesn’t look like a busy month for airports and flyers so finding facilities and other services was not a problem. I only had 6 hours to waste now so I decided to go about the place; explored the shops for possible souvenirs. I was carrying a bag full of Toblerone (bought at Heathrow) when I saw that it was cheaper to buy at KLIA’s duty free shop. =(

When I was younger, I was a fan of Teddy Bears (until now actually) so it was such a delight seeing Harrods’ display of souvenir Teddys in different sizes and costumes. Photo opportunity was apparent so I didn’t think twice. I took loads of selfies then instantly sending to my relatives telling them where I was. =p

Five more hours until my departure so I surveyed the building’s architecture and other non-shopping displays…

Obviously, travelling alone is not something I must often do as I get bored easily. Time was betraying me as it felt like I have been touring around the airport for ever, but the clock was ticking so slow. I’ve decided to board the airport train to the other terminal where my plane will depart.

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Cafe Frei Szombathely

Cafe Frei Szombathely

Today, I just would like to share to you guys my new found and now favourite cafe place. This is in Szombathely, Hungary and can be found at this address:

Szombathely, Fő tér 24, 9700 Hungary
+36 94 310 511

If you happen to be in the area, why not treat yourself with their specialty coffee paired  with indulging variety of cakes and pastries.

The cafe’s ambiance is also so relaxing perfect for meeting friends even for formal gathering.

See it for yourself! X

Hogwarts Express

The real train used in the Harry Potter Films to transport students from London King’s Cross Station Platform 9 3/4 to the Hogsmeade Station is displayed at the York Railway Museum.

I had the opportunity to visit the railway gallery with students from school and it was totally a surprise for me. I didn’t know that the actual train used in the movie was the one I saw on display.

The moment of truth made me ecstatic! It felt almost like seeing a famous celebrity. =)


London Free Museums

Is there any particular place that makes you so relaxed apart from the comfort of your own abode?

For me? It is the museum-any type as long as the displays captivate my intellect, emotion and interest. Being in one gives me serenity and utter happiness. The kind that makes me want to jump for joy (just the thought of it). In every place I visit whether locally or abroad, museum visit is always in my itinerary.

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