London Free Museums

Is there any particular place that makes you so relaxed apart from the comfort of your own abode?

For me? It is the museum-any type as long as the displays captivate my intellect, emotion and interest. Being in one gives me serenity and utter happiness. The kind that makes me want to jump for joy (just the thought of it). In every place I visit whether locally or abroad, museum visit is always in my itinerary.

Today, I will just be talking about London’s free museums. Ironically, I have been only to three of them. The city is quite far from where we live and my beloved pair is not keen on visiting the capital just for exhibits and archives.

British Museum


  • Visited in 2012 during the London Olympics and another occasion in early 2014 with my in-laws

In retrospect, the museum tour my husband and I had was interesting. The place was stuffed because it was in the summer and more visitors arrived to the country for the Olympics. The displays in this museums are mostly gigantic historical architecture from Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia.

Other featured displays include: Africa, Money, Ancient Cyprus, Egyptian life and death, China, Europe and Islamic World

Science Museum


  • Visited in February 2013 as part of my yearly London trip

This museum is very dear to me because as a Chemistry Teacher by profession, Science is the subject I am passionate about.

Touring in this place felt like being in a sweet factory. It was enjoying ,amusing, titillating. I couldn’t describe the feeling of utmost and overwhelming feeling of excitement. The museum displays everything that is undeniably Science. However,it mostly features inventions, discoveries and technological advancements in recent times.

To give you a sample of the exhibits:

The permanent display on Alchemy is my favourite

The Bionic Man is an astonishing exhibit whose face is modeled from Swiss Social Psychologist Bertolt Meyer

National History Museum


  • Visited in February 2013; same day as the Science Museum

If you are keen on seeing dinosaurs and other creepy gigantic creatures then this museum is right for you! But that is not what this museum is all about. If you are not a fan of these animals, displays on gemstones and mineral rocks will cheer you up if suddenly you are caught visiting this museum by surprise with an avid friend/partner/family member.

Dippy is the iconic Diplodocus cast from the specimen found in America and is probably the most visited and talked about display at the National History Museum in London.

Some stuffed animals






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