Memoir From Barcelona

I saw this in my camera bag while I was unpacking stuffs from our trip to Spain. It surprised me as I didn’t know I have it. My husband must have taken it while we were on the beach and drinking refreshing Mojito.


New Year New Me

2015 please be nice to me!

My last travel was two months ago. =( I didn’t even bother to see exciting Christmas themed places last month. Such a shame because it is two years in a row that I missed Winter Wonderland in London. Even the mini version of that in York slipped through my holiday must see places. For one single reason- depressed, depressed, depressed.

Maybe it was the holidays or the fact that I was alone- I don’t know. I really couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and move on from the throbbing pain in my heart and soul.

I did manage to go to Leeds German Market. It’s been a tradition for me every Christmas to indulge in different spiced sausages and mulled wine since I arrived here in the North.

This year it is going to be different. It is going to be busy, exciting, frightening, worrying, but awesome! Doing things on my own especially travelling would be the biggest challenge for a start. I wish I can do it better alone than with a companion.