Travel and Depression- My Perfect Combination


We all have problems! The difference is how we deal with them. Myself is not the strongest person I know. In reality I feel very weak when it comes to hardships in life. Although I didn’t get the bravery of my mother. I got my father’s cheerful attitude. Just laughing at life’s miseries.”If life gives you lemon, make a lemonade,” says a cliche. 

Nothing can make me alright, but a journey to wherever my feet can take me. It has been my pill since 2009. Everytime I am attacked with sadness, the gloom makes me flee. Not to expensive destinations,but anywhere just to get away from the place of suffering. The hardest part though is returning to it- the same place, the same person and the same situation. 

I had to make changes in my life so I won’t have to put up with the constant sadness. How Ironic sometimes that what/who makes us sad is the one what/who can make us happy too. A strange dilemma…

However, my escape from reality to a place of comfort and most often solitude helps me to be sane. Travel is the only thing that continues to make me feel alive! It is what gives me hope to new experiences, to get away from same boring happenings, to be able to breath. 

My bucket list is waiting to be started…

For now, I will stick to rediscovering UK. 

This journey called life is what I intend to finish happily from when I started to my final destination. I want to enjoy every single moment of it. Make everyday as if it is the last day. 


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