A Walk to Remember

Recently, I was able to do something I was reluctant to do again because of my first time hiking experience. I was not born athletic, so sports and other energy draining activities don’t interest me. At school, I played basketball and volleyball for fun, but I wasn’t enthusiastic. It just didn’t feel right for me- being petite.  I burrowed myself studying. I needed to.

So this is the story…

Three weeks ago, Ilkley Moor seemed so inviting. My colleagues and friends talked about the place with so much delight. Online it received enough positive reviews to finally go and see for myself.

Came the day of the walk, the weather wasn’t very cooperative. Drizzle and strong wind greeted us we got down the train. It didn’t matter as it was safe to walk in Heather land.

The Moorland was bursting with life. Lovely flowers and other floras ( mostly unknown to me) were everywhere. My apologies for not taking Biology seriously at uni. The plants’ chemical profile interested me though.

Our walk took four hours in total even though it was just a small part of the Moor.

Honestly, going there was a good decision. It cheered me up. The view was amazing, not to mention that it felt refreshing just breathing the air on that highland. Most importantly, I didn’t collapse nor slip. I was so worried embarrassing and hurting myself. Not so bad for a novice!

Thanks dude for taking me here! =)


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