Day Out in York

The White Rose of York decorating the bridge 

Flowers were blossoming and the spring sun greeted everything under it with warmth. The temperature was good enough not to take my winter coat in early April- a contradictory in most of the season even in the summer months.

We set off to this lovely city via train from Ulleskelf to York. My friend lives in a nice village near Tadcaster that’s why we started from there.  Continue reading


The Heights of Abraham

The photos show the view from the cable car suspended 169 meters from the ground. It was an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience for me as I am not very much fond of being elevated.

From above, you can enjoy the aerial view of Matlock Bath and surrounding places. When you reach the top of the hill, you will have free access to the following:

  • The Great Masson Cavern
  • Great Rutland Cavern and Tavern
  • Victoria Prospect Tower
  • Tinkers Mine Shaft; and more

The ticket costs £14.50 for Adults. Check the website below for more information.

What to See and Do