Day Out in York

The White Rose of York decorating the bridge 

Flowers were blossoming and the spring sun greeted everything under it with warmth. The temperature was good enough not to take my winter coat in early April- a contradictory in most of the season even in the summer months.

We set off to this lovely city via train from Ulleskelf to York. My friend lives in a nice village near Tadcaster that’s why we started from there.  Anyway, it was a good 15 minutes journey. Be warned though that the train from this station is irregular. It is better to take the train from Church Fenton to York. These stations are close to each other.

I love taking picture of sign posts so when we arrive in the city, I immediately grabbed my phone to take some.

On the far right of the sign post, it says City Center so we headed there first to see what the central place has to offer. I am not a shopaholic (?!), but window shopping is therapeutic for me. Certainly better than counseling.

To reach the center from the train station, you will have to cross Lendal bridge over River Ouse  – a Gothic construction which was popular in Victorian England.

Came summer and I found my self again roaming around the narrow cobbled street of The Shambles in York. I will not get tired of this historical place, which served as an important city in the olden days.

This time we visited the Yorkshire Museum to see the display about Richard III. I saw a documentary on BBC about him and it got my interest. Entrance to the museum is £7.50 for adults.

Our day trip concluded by a nice walk from the museum to the train station.


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