Hebden Bridge Walks


Yorkshire has a lot to offer when it comes to hiking or if you just fancy a short walk.

Two months ago, when the weather here in the North was still a resemblance of the typical British summer, I wandered off the valleys in Hebden Bridge. Unprepared I was, I just went to the train station, chose my destination randomly and bought a ticket. Fate picked Hebden Bridge.

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed going around the small town center. It is true of what they say about the place, very different indeed than most towns in the shire.

At HBD station just after you exited you will see this display.


It is an overview guide and information for walkers and hikers alike for walks in Hebden Bridge.

I’ve done the first and the second one. The third one sounds a bit daunting for me as I am not an experienced walker. One day I’ll do that, but with company. I’m so bad at directions that sometimes I interchange right from left and vice versa.


Hebden Bridge is vegetarian friendly. Greens Cafe is a place that I am certain you guys will like as much as I did.


The Hungarian Parliament at Night


Hungary being my adopted country is very dear to my heart.  On that note, I make sure that every year a trip to its beautiful capital is on my list. In October this year, I did a short trip to Europe to visit friends and breathe from all the stress from work.

As expected, I did have a lot of fun catching up with friends and also sight-seeing. Budapest never fail to surprise me; my favourite part was going to the Parliament at night. It is already impressive during the day, but by night it is magical. The photo above does not justify how beautiful the building is.

In your next trip to Europe, do visit Budapest. You won’t regret it!