Otley Chevin Forest Park

This is my first ever walk this year after a foot injury in November. Hurrah!

I shouldn’t be actually going for strenuous walk as my foot hasn’t fully recovered yet, but I was feeling depressed for being stagnant for two months. This new found hobby of mine ignites the fire in me. Being one with nature is almost my survival kit to a stressful city life. Thankfully, there are nearby parks to where I can escape; spend the day in the company of plants and animals.

It was my first time visiting Otley and of course like most other first times of mine, I got lost. For a small town to get lost in, one must be so bad at directions. That’s me!

My friend laughs at the thought of me going for a map reading course. It might sound really odd, but I have an inherent lack of spatial ability. It is a challenge that I am combating whenever I am on my own traveling especially in countryside were mobile signal is not very reliable.

But hey I am here writing about my walk so I did fine finding my way to the park and back to the bus station. =)

I actually thought it would be an easy walk. Not that easy as I imagined it to be because I was grasping for air when I arrived to the top of the hill via the stone stairs (bottom left in the picture).

As I struggle to breathe, my eyes were presented with this magnificent boulders up another level of the hill.

It would be a missed opportunity not to get curious and examine them.

The wind was blowing so hard at the site. I reckon it would take me away if I was a bit lighter. I sat down on one of the gigantic piece of rocks to look at the town of Otley from a far.


I stayed for half an hour just looking at the view in the above picture. I took some pictures in close up look just like this one below:


Although the sight was breath-taking my body had to give up. The weather got worst so I headed straight to the bus station.




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