Pairs of maroon shoes: next journey?


Barcelona (Yule trip)


Stratford -Upon-Avon (B-day trip)

It all started in York then a couple of  trips followed…

The owner of the other pair of maroon shoes is the big sister I never had; A very good and dearest friend . One and half years my junior, but she is more experienced in life than I am. Her qualities exudes: confidence, wittiness and courage.


Hello May!

Gordale Scar 2

There’s no better way to start May than going for a gentle walk  and enjoying the last month of the spring season when the weather is starting to become warmer. Summer is about to begin…

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being in company of a bunch of nice people from my university. I have recently joined the Fitness club of the academe. Pleased enough to say that they are very welcoming to new recruits. We did the famous three stop walk  starting at Janet’s Foss then Gordale Scar and finally the top of Malham Cove, where we experienced all sorts of weather. There was even a painful hailstone shower, shortly after reaching the top of the cove.

Gordale Scar

Gordale Scar

I guess I don’t have to say a lot about how breath-taking the scenery was. I’ll let the pictures speak for itself.

top of malham cove

Top of Malham Cove

Although I have already been to this part of the Dales, I will never get tired climbing up (or crawling) to this far because the view is absolutely amazing when you get to the top. It makes you wonder how perfect God’s creations are. Truly pacifying and maybe a place of comfort for me. I felt so relaxed and at ease…


Spain in December (Salou to Tarragona)


This post might not be very timely, but I still will share to you guys how Spain made a difference for my Christmas last year.


I couldn’t be any happier celebrating the yuletide season away from England after my divorce has been granted. The wanderer in me yearned for a new place to start anew; away for a fortnight.

It wasn’t easy, to be honest after all I’ve been through.

Spain offered a sanctuary for me. It is a familiar place and felt kind of homely. Salou, my destination was still and quite, perfect place to think through things and rekindle my lost self. The place was by the sea- when it is summer it is full packed with tourist, but Christmas is the opposite. Everybody seemed to have moved to somewhere else. It looked deserted with few establishments open including some restaurants and local shops. Not many vehicles were on sight. You could actually walk in the middle of the road which I did one night after spending time at the beach.

December temperature in Salou ranges from 4 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius. Most of the time during my stay, it was sunny so going to the beach was a treat. When it was cold and windy, the Sauna  at the apartment cheered me up.

Nearby Salou is a city called Tarragona. After a quick research I decided to head to this place using the local bus transport. It took maybe an hour and a half to get  there. It was a bliss having seen what’s on the picture below. The place is a gift of the Mediterranean. There were more people than in Salou, being a bigger city and the capital of the province of the same name.


A history fanatic that I am, I was more than delighted seeing the ruined roman amphitheater pictured below. Such a shame that I visited when it wasn’t open for public visit.


What are of the best in Spain?



I was tempted to pick one of these oranges for myself. The trees are nicely planted in the middle of the road serving as a divider for motorists and pedestrians.


Who wouldn’t love Spain for their hearty gastronomy? I enjoyed eating Churros with the thick and rich chocolate tandem. The best I have ever tasted.

Visiting Tarragona was a good decision indeed. If I had more time, I would have stayed for a couple more days. One  whole day was not enough to see all the attraction. It wasn’t the best time as well so there was not much to do after all. Definitely for next time!

Olives and local wine produce are also a must to try when in Spain. I am not a massive Olive fan so no picture to show you unfortunately.

I was once told by a friend to always order local wine when in a pub or restaurant as it is usually cheaper. A handy tip when in abroad or if budget conscious which is always true for me.

to be continued…