Hello May!

Gordale Scar 2

There’s no better way to start May than going for a gentle walk  and enjoying the last month of the spring season when the weather is starting to become warmer. Summer is about to begin…

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being in company of a bunch of nice people from my university. I have recently joined the Fitness club of the academe. Pleased enough to say that they are very welcoming to new recruits. We did the famous three stop walk  starting at Janet’s Foss then Gordale Scar and finally the top of Malham Cove, where we experienced all sorts of weather. There was even a painful hailstone shower, shortly after reaching the top of the cove.

Gordale Scar

Gordale Scar

I guess I don’t have to say a lot about how breath-taking the scenery was. I’ll let the pictures speak for itself.

top of malham cove

Top of Malham Cove

Although I have already been to this part of the Dales, I will never get tired climbing up (or crawling) to this far because the view is absolutely amazing when you get to the top. It makes you wonder how perfect God’s creations are. Truly pacifying and maybe a place of comfort for me. I felt so relaxed and at ease…



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